Power Sub-Committee

Composition :

1. Member (Power), NCA Chairman
2.  Member Secretary, WREB, CEA Member
3. Chief Engineer (HED), CEA Member
4. Chief Engineer (LD&T Division), CEA Member
5. Chief Engineer (Hydro), MSEB Member
6. Chief Engineer (Elect.), Irrg. Dept. GOM Member
7. Member (Tech.), GEB Member
8. Chief Engineer (Hydro), SSNNL Member
9. Chief Engineer (Elect.), SSNNL Member
10. Member (Generation), MPEB Member Secretary
11. Member (Power), NVDA Member
12. Director (Power), NCA Member & Secretary


  1. Monitoring of power and energy generated at power stations of Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) Complex and ensuring the sharing among the beneficiary States.
  2. Monitoring of transmission lines for evacuation of power from SSP power stations to the beneficiary States.

Last updated on : 8th, September 2017