Narmada Main Canal Sub-Committee

Composition :

1. Executive Member, Narmada Control Authority Chairman
2. Member (Civil), Narmada Control Authority Member
3. Secretary, Narmada Control Authority Member
4. Secretary (Narmada), GOG Member
5. Director (Canal System), Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd. GOG Member
  Alternate :
Chief Engineer (NMC-I), GOG
6. Chief Engineer & Addl.Secy. Irrigation Deptt. GOR Member
  Alternate :
Addl.Chief Engineer, Irrigation Deptt., GOR
7. Chief Engineer, Narmada Control Authority Member – Secretary
1. Secretary, Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee, GOI Permanent Invitee
2. Other Invitees to be decided by the Sub-group.  


  1. To decide the phasing and to co-ordinate construction programmes of Sardar Sarovar Project Unit-II Canals with a view to obtaining expeditiously optimum benefits during and after the completion of the construction of the project having due regard to the availability of funds.
  2. Obtaining from the concerned States periodical progress reports both as to works and expenditure, and on receipt of such reports review the progress of construction of different sub-units of the project (Unit-II) and whenever necessary advise the States concerned on the steps to be taken to expedite the works.
  3. Scrutiny and approval of design of the Narmada Main Canal.
  4. Resolving differences, if any, arising between Rajasthan and Gujarat on figures of cost in respect of Narmada Main Canal for the purpose of sharing of cost.

Last updated on : 8th, September 2017